14th Story


Car Crashes into House in Sheridan, WY

At approximately 2:45 pm Sunday, September 19, Sheridan Police, Fire, and Rescue responded to an accident at the intersection of Sioux and Thurmond Streets. Upon arrival, emergency responders found the driver of a late model Honda with Montana plates had apparently lost control as he was heading south on Thurmond, failed to make a left turn on Sioux and crashed into the side of a residence.

Fire and rescue workers had to remove the top of the vehicle in order to extricate the driver and three passengers. All four were transported to Sheridan Memorial Hospital. No information regarding their conditions is available at this time.

Witnesses at the scene indicated the vehicle was traveling at a high rate of speed and was reported to be on two wheels just prior to the crash.

Police and firemen were cleaning up and preparing to leave the scene at around 3:30 pm. The vehicle was pulled out of the house around 4:00 pm. The house appeared to have suffered some structural damage. The residents of the house were apparently not a home at the time of the accident.

County records indicate the address 1300 Warren Avenue is owned by Jeffrey and Lorna Poulsen.