We're in the business of building websites. But we think of a website as just a starting point for examining an organization's use of the Internet. By learning about an organization's operations, we can offer a valuable perspective for those whose area of expertise isn't Internet technology.

Dan Alberghetti Story, WY

Dan Alberghetti is a college instructor, he teaches Flash web design and Flash game programming, Cisco CCNA, digital imaging, computer networking, and computer hardware. He posts all of his course materials online at DansCourses.com. He has a MFA from Cal State Long Beach and a BFA from UCLA.

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Patrick White Sheridan, WY

Patrick keeps some links about himself at pwhite.org.

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A content management system

In most cases, we provide a website with a content management system (CMS). A CMS separates content from presentation by storing content in a database and presenting that content in certain ways as specified by template files. Because content is stored in a database instead of individual HTML files, it can easily be updated via the CMS's administrative interface, which is itself a website. In a word, a CMS helps make a website dynamic.

The content management system we usually use is Joomla. Joomla isn't perfect, but it is backed by a vast community of developers. These developers have created thousands of extensions for Joomla, which we often use or adapt when building websites for clients. All of this possible because Joomla is free software.

Off-site backups

Regardless of your particular web hosting arrangment, we provide weekly off-site backups of your entire website. We do this using Amazon S3. S3 is an enterprise-class storage service that's part of Amazon Web Services. Since S3 provides storage on Amazon servers in Amazon datacenters, your backups are "off-site" from your web host and are protected from any failures at your web host. Should the need arise, these backups allow us to quickly recreate your website exactly as it existed at the time of the last backup.

A custom design

We will work with you to create a custom site design that reflects your design preferences and integrates any graphics that you provide.

A custom logo

We can also provide a custom logo that complements your site design.

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